2016 Annual Company Conference

2016 Annual Company Conference

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This year Strategy One hosted its annual company conference at one of the most sought after destinations in Australia.  The famous Hamilton Island.

Stepping off the plane and on to the tarmac, it’s hard not to jump straight into holiday mode on this island.  A muggy 27 degrees with a light cool breeze blowing through your hair; you could almost forget why you are even there!  But there is a very important reason why; Strategy One HR’s annual company conference for 2016!

Once formalities were out of the way, it was the Managers of Strategy One to kick off the official proceedings by attending the Managers Conference, hosted at the Yacht Club, over looking the habour.  I think it’s safe to say, it was the perfect environment to help stir up some great ideas for the future and reflect on what was throughout 2016.  Meanwhile, upstairs in the same building were 4 hardworking ladies, Natalie, Rita, Irma and Brenda working tirelessly throughout the day to keep operations running smoothly while the remaining staff made their way up to the island.

Once everyone had landed and checked in to the Reef View Hotel, we all made our way down to a poolside/beachside dinner to catch up, pinch ourselves and enjoy (just a few) bevy’s for the evening. 

Waking up bright and early on Saturday 19th November 2016, this was it, the formal conference day.  Energy was through the roof and it was back to the Yacht Club for Strategy One HR!  The days event was hosted by Company Director - Simon Meade and National Operations Manager – Andre Elcham.  Both keeping all staff entertained and well informed about the past and future of our great company!  Before the ‘build your own steak sandwich’ lunch, we participated in the traditional S1HR quiz!  Tensions were high and competition was fierce, but there could only be one winner and that was HAARS, – Helen, Alannah, Ashely, Rita and Sharaine.  Congratulations!  To finish off the conference with a bang, Simon steered us towards 2017, with a year expected to be better than the last!!

It’s 3pm, and everyone is on the Reef View front lawns, licking their ice-creams, eating the fresh fruit and sipping on their bottled water.  The island golf buggies are all lined up, Strategy One signage on the windscreens and they are fully charged ready for the Hamilton Island Buggy Challenge.  Racing around the island in teams of 3 and 4, it’s a competition to see who returns back with the most questions answered (correctly)!  Flashes of S1HR buggies passing by (at 20km/hr), laughing, screaming and seriousness all in one as we take over the roads to try and win this challenge!  Then….. it’s back to the lawns to tally up the numbers. And the winner is……….(drumroll) The Island Queens – Emily, Christine and Sarah. Congratulations!!

On the eve of the conference, we’re all off to the Outrigger for the Gala dinner.  Dressed to impress, are employees of Strategy One as far as the eye can see sipping on champagne, taking photos and chattering away. Presentations throughout the night consisted of recognising and awarding staff who reached certain years and milestones with the company, the years were 1yr - Michael, Rita, Jaime, Emily, Irma, Sarah, Jessica and Alannah, 2yr – Helen and Lisa and  8yr – Andre and Christine.  Milestones reached for 2016 were 3yr – Taylor, 10yr – Sharaine and 12yr – Brenda!   Sharaine was presented with a cheque that just wouldn’t quite fit in her purse, so it had to be flown home with all of the oversized baggage ;)  Congratulations!! 

To conclude, in my opinion this was the BEST company conference I have been to, to date.  On behalf of all of the team here at Strategy One, thank you Simon Meade for your generosity and also your drive to help each and every one of us succeed, not just as individuals but as a team.

Here’s to a bigger and better future for Strategy One Human Resources!!

Catch you all next year at the 2017 Strategy One HR Annual Company Conference.