A business lesson from Floyd Mayweather

A business lesson from Floyd Mayweather

30 Aug 09:00 by Simon Meade



Floyd Mayweather taught a valuable lesson during Sunday's fight of the century with Conor McGregor.  Basically it came down to three words: What. When. How.
That is; Know what to do.  Know when to do it. Know how to do it.
Firstly, know what to do.  Mayweather had a plan to wear down his opponent.  This meant absorbing some punishment in the early stages and possibly losing the initial rounds to tire his opponent.  He played a waiting game before taking the initiative and going on the attack.  Knowing the right time was the when.  Finally, he showed that the best planning and timing is useless unless you know how to execute it. With a record of  49-0 before the fight I think it's fair to say he knew how to do it.

In our careers the same applies.  Know what you are trying to achieve.  Know when is the right time to be focusing on different aspects of the plan.  Finally, knowing how to implement the various strategies.  Sounds simple right?  
In theory yes,  but if you are at all like me...  a little harder in practice!