Living Positive In A Negative World

Living Positive In A Negative World

10 Aug 12:00 by Simon Meade



All of us have untapped talent and potential.  If we were to unlock this potential we could do more, we could have more and we could be more. 

One of the reasons that people fail to reach their potential is that society is constantly bombarding us with negative messages. 

Evidence of this can be seen in all areas of today’s media. The old newspaper saying ‘if it bleeds it leads’ is truer than ever. The very nature of life means that someone, somewhere is always going to be in the midst of a tragedy.  It is equally true that there are great things happening to people all of the time but it seems to be human nature to focus on the negative. The job figures come out and it’s 6% unemployment.  Not 94% employment.  A million people drive to work safely on the freeway but the two who have an accident make the news.  All of this negativity can have an effect on how we feel about ourselves and life. 

So here are 3 positive things to think about today:

  1. You are a great person.  Sure you may have made some mistakes, but who hasn’t?  The truth of the matter is that you are one of a kind.  You are unique.  You can do great things. 
  2. Australia is a great country.  We should all be thankful that we live here.  It’s not perfect but let’s not dwell on the problems but focus instead on making Australia even better. 
  3. Be thankful for all the great things you have in your life.  It could be your family, friends, your job or even your dog.  But one of the best ways to stay positive is to always be thankful for what you have.