S1HR Racing

S1HR Racing Team

The Strategy One Racing Team competes in the Radical Australia Cup and other racing series with its Radical race car. This is a prototype sports car with a highly tuned 1500cc motor that revs to 11,0000rpm and produces over 260bhp.  Together with huge amounts of downforce the Radical can lap some tracks faster than a V8 Supercar!  The race car is a great way to promote Strategy One Human Resources and provides an exciting way to engage with our staff and clients.  There are two seats which allow for customer hot laps and everyone who has been for a ride says the same thing.  O M G!!!

Competing in motorsport has many similarities with running a recruitment business.  Both are extremely competitive, stressful and team orientated.  The driver, none other than Strategy One Director Simon Meade has had a life-long passion for cars and motorsport.  This started as a small child watching his father race rally cars to racing Karts as a teenager and before you know it, only 30 years later, we have the Strategy One Racing Team!!

Press to Watch our Director and S1HR - Race Team Driver at Bathurst 2017