Social Responsibility

Meet Our Sponsored Children

Social Responsibility is a broad term used to describe a company's effort to improve society in some way.  These efforts can range from donating money to non-profit, to implementing environmentally -friendly policies in the workplace.  Contributing in some way is important to comapnies, non-profits and employees alike.

As a Comapny DIrector, husband and father I have a fundamental belief in my personal as well as work life that "giving" and being "kind" to people benefits everyone.  This belief is  ingrained in the fiber of who I am as a person and human being.  When I look back in my life I would like to believe that I made a difference in one person's life.  I see it as my duty as a human being to give back to society for everything I have been so very fortunate to receive and enjoy in my life.

Strategy One Human Resources is very fortunate as many of its emplyees keenly contribute to PLAN International a charity who have now been keeping children safe, happy and healthy for 80 years.  Please visit their website for further information

We also have a sponsored  children through World Vision, an organisation who has been engaging people to work towards eliminaing poverty and its causes for over 50 years. 

Over the coming weeks and months I will be introducing you to our sponsored children and writing a little about them.  I invite you to join me as Strategy One celebrates their milestones and their progress.  

I hope you will join me in their journey.