Will the real Heroes please stand up?

Will the real Heroes please stand up?

07 Jan 13:00 by Simon Meade



People are fascinated by celebrities. Sports stars, film stars, rock stars and reality TV stars (that last one I really don't get). Perhaps it's a way for us to live vicariously and imagine what it would be like to be rich, to feel important, for people to know who we are instead of being one of the anonymous masses. 

Our business, Strategy One HR, works in the industrial sector. Most of our jobs are casual, short term, short notice and often at award wages. In short there is nothing too glamorous about it at all. Yet the vast majority of our employees do a tremendous job. They turn up on time, often to a company that they have never heard off let alone been to, with no guarantee how long they will be there. I have worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years yet never as an on-call casual. The truth of the matter is that for a lot of our jobs I simply wouldnt cut it. I have seen people with some amazing skills either on a forklift or packing off a production line or just doing demanding physical work.

Without the skill and dedication of this group of people we would not have a business and many of our clients would not be able to properly operate their businesses. They rarely get the recognition that they deserve, but by writing this I hope in some small way it shows how important that they are. For me they are real everyday heroes. 


Simon Meade