Workplace Health and Safety

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Strategy One recognises its moral and legal responsibility, in particular to the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, and to the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986, to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors. 

Strategy One have the following objectives in relation to Workplace Health & Safety:

  • Provision of safe plant and systems of work, by all businesses utilising Strategy One employees.
  • Provision of written procedures and instruction to ensure safe systems of work are implemented.
  • Compliance with legislative requirements and current industry standards.
  • Provision of regular information, instruction, training and supervision to employees, contractors and clients to ensure their safety.
  • Provision of support mechanims that will assist employees with maintaining or improving their psychological and physical health.
  • Continuous improvement, through regular monitoring, measurement and review of WH&S performance as an integral part of the Strategy One management system. 


Strategy One recognises that management have the overall responsibility to provide a safe workplace by:

  • Providing and maintaining the workplace in a safe condition.
  • Consulting with Clients to ensure the implementation and monitoring of approrpriate risk control measures to protect Strategy One staff at the Client's worksites.
  • Ensuring all WH&S policies and procedures are implemented.
  • Actively promoting and being involved in those policies and procedures.
  • Providing the resources to meet theit WH&S commitment.

We will ensure that all our Staff will:

  • Follow all WH&S procedures and safety work instructions.
  • Report all hazards to their Supervisor and to Strategy One.
  • Wear personal protective equipment and clothing as instructed.


Strategy One is committed to encouraging consultation and cooperation between management and Staff. We can also assist with the development of WH&S policy manuals, induction programs, site safety assessments or help develop a return to work program for injured employees.