General Human Resources and Employment Advice

Award and EBA advice

We don't just recruit great staff. We provide human resource solutions.

Strategy One have extensive experience and resources available to assist with Award and EBA interpretation and we have the knowledge to advise you of the most appropriate solutions to issues surrounding Awards/EBA's.

Strategy One supply many leading organisations with a broad spectrum of awards including, but not limited to:

  • Storage Services and Wholesale Award 2010

  • Manufacturing and Associated Industries Award 2010

  • Building and Construction Award

  • Clerks Award

  • Road Transport and Distribution Award

Our experienced Consultants are able to assist you with rate calucation, over time and shift loading and clarifying award classifications. Due to the complex nature of Awards, we rely on our premium affiliations the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) and FCB Group for further assistance.

Apart from Award and EBA Interpretation, Strategy One can also assist you with general human resources advice and information on unfair dismissal and unlawful dismissal and redundancies.