How To Become More Hireable?

How To Become More Hireable?

25 Mar 13:00 by Lisa Allen


The recruitment industry has exploded in the last 10+ years providing staffing solutions to thousands of businesses and creating thousands of more jobs across a host of industries. 

Recruitment agencies provide the gateway to thousands of permanent full time rewarding positions. More and more businesses are turning to recruitment agencies to identify their Full Time and long term staff.

The industry has grown significantly over the past 10 years with more and more employment agencies entering the market, all of which have their own “registration” process for which understandably can feel like you are repeating yourself every time you apply with a new recruitment agency or for a new role.

Good recruitment/labour hire businesses still take you & the recruitment process very seriously, and it’s important that you do too. Remember the recruiter you are working with often is the gateway to full time or ongoing employment and has a significant influence over who they recommend.

Here are 5 area’s to maximise your employment opportunities within recruitment/labour hire Industry.


Resume-Yes you must have one. Recruiters and Consultants read through hundred’s of resumes per week so make yours easy to ready and have them want to call you. Below are some basic tips to make you stand out and help receive that invitation to be interviewed.

  • Format you resume in either Word or PDF. Its much easier for the business to process internally
  • Your latest or current position goes first then work backwards in your work history
  • Dates are crucial. Month and Year E.G Start Oct 2016 to Jan 2017 
  • 2 to 3 pages max. Remember the consultant’s are reading hundred’s of resumes per week


Interview. We see so many people make the mistake  of not taking this seriously and wonder why they have not been offered work. It’s important to remember you are meeting the person who will be making a decision whether to employ you or not. They will be making a decision  if you are suitable enough to represent their business to place out to work with their clients. Please see below tips to maximise your employment opportunities.

  • Turn up 10-15mins early for our interview this makes a great first impression
  • Have all your documents ready to hand over (ID, Licences, tickets, certificates anything that will help in your application). It shows initiative and that you have thought about your interview.
  • Dress appropriately, while the days of a suit’s and dress shirts are gone, thongs and track pants are certainly not appropriate either. 
  • DON’T take phone calls during your interview. Its rude and shows a lack of respect & Lastly
  • Body Language-Sit up straight, show an interest, engage with your consultant and certainly don’t be afraid to ask questions.


References-A good credible reference can almost certainly help you become a priority placement. 

  • Make sure you have 2 to 3 Work Related references of your most recent positions. 
  • Make sure you have their work place landline & most importantly
  • Advise them you have listed them as a referee.


After your interview & Ready to Work

  • Don’t be afraid to contact the agency or consultant that you met with and advise hem you are available. It shows you are keen.
  • Show your flexibility by accepting some short term assignments, this may not be your ideal role however when the long terms positions become available you will often be rewarded for your flexibility.
  • Make sure you can be contactable easily. It really makes a huge difference when a consultant can get hold of you anytime.


Accepting your first Assignment-congratulations on getting this far. First impressions are crucial here. There are so many opportunities created by following some of the below.

  • Turn up early 10-15mins. 
  • Dress appropriately. Correct  PPE and in respectable condition. No ripped shirts or pants, no track pants, no exposed steel cap shoes.
  • Make sure you can commit to the assignment, do not ask to leave early or have a day off in your first few weeks. If you cannot commit to the assignment do not accept it. You will be offered another that may suit you better.

Follow instructions-remember you are in a new environment safety is crucial for you and those around you. 

Show an interest. People always want to work with happy positive people.

Good Luck with your future opportunities.


Written by
Michael Bateman
Branch Manager Strategy One