Head down, eyes up!

Head down, eyes up!

20 May 17:00 by Simon Meade



There have been many times that I feel like I am making no progress at all.  

Worse, it is often a case of the results going in the opposite direction of what I have been trying to achieve!  One thing that I have found for sure though, is that progress is seldom linear and if it is, only for a short time.

I enjoy running and my progress in this area illustrates this point.  

I started pretty late, at around 40 and had absolutely no idea of how to train.  so I mapped out a 5km course and basically ran it as fast as I could every single training session.  After a month or two I was convinced that the way I was improving I would soon be good enough to be on the Commonwealth  games squad.  The Olympics would surely follow.  Then out of nowhere the unthinkable happened.

My progress slowed and then eventually stopped.  Who would have thought?

Ten years later I would like to report that with persistence and hard work I have become an elite runner.

BUT the truth is that, in terms of being a runner at least, I am now what I was then... a hack!

So what's the moral?

I'm not really sure, except that some things you may be good at and some things not.

You may succeed in a venture or you may not. 

All I think you can do is keep moving forward. Your best days are ahead of you, not behind.



So keep your head down, but keep your eyes up!